Monday, January 22, 2018

24 January 2018: Indian Migration to the United States of America

Neil Ruiz
Pew Research Center, Washington D.C., USA

Organised by:
Brookings India

Indian migrants in the United States remain unique compared to the majority of U.S. immigrants. Indians in the U.S. are high-skilled, highly-educated, and have high incomes compared to the general U.S. population and other immigrant groups. Neil Ruiz will present and examine the main sources for Indian migration to the U.S., particularly those entering the U.S. via the H-1B visa programme and the foreign student F-1 visa programme. He will also present the demographic profiles of Indians in the U.S. such as income and educational attainment.

Date: January 24, 2017
Time: 03:00 P.M.

Kamalnayan Bajaj Auditorium
Brookings India
No. 6, Second Floor,
Dr. Jose P. Rizal Marg,
New Delhi-110021

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