Thursday, February 25, 2016

26 February 2016: Luncheon Roundtable on U.S. Presidential Elections & Implications for India

Senator Larry Pressler

Anchored by:
Shivshankar Menon, Distinguished Fellow, Brookings India

With two anti-establishment figures, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, leading the race as Republican and Democrat candidates for U.S. Presidential elections, American politics is poised at a game changing moment. U.S. domestic politics is undergoing a major shift which has significant implications for the rest of the world. What does the U.S. Presidential Election mean for Indian political and business interests? What implications do the American Presidential elections have for U.S. foreign policy? Should we be worried? Senator Pressler and Ambassador Menon will address some of these issues at the roundtable. 

Organised by:
Brookings India

Date: February 26, 2016
Time: 01:00 P.M.

Private Dining Hall
India International Centre (IIC)
Indian International Centre
40, Max Mueller Marg,
New Delhi-110003(INDIA)


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