Wednesday, December 4, 2019

11 December 2019: Round-table on “Mobility and Tenure Choice”

Richard K. Green
Brookings India

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Brookings India

India’s rental market is evolving. Throughout the world, renting has been chosen by the young, the single and, more generally, the mobile over renting, even taking into account issues of affordability. To the best of our knowledge, there has been one previous empirical paper on the determinants of renting in India-a paper that was focused on Bangalore (Manaj, Verma and Nayyatha 2015). In this paper, we use district level data to draw inferences about the determinants of mobility and tenure choice throughout India, and whether these determinants are stable across time. We do find that those who have demonstrated mobility are more likely to be renters, but, unlike other countries, do not find that marital status generally influences tenure behavior (although widows are more likely to be owners, even after controlling for age).We also find that the determinants of renting are in flux, as a model fitted to 2001 data does not forecast 2011 outcomes well.

Date: December 11, 2019
Time: 12:00 Noon

Brookings India
No. 6, Second Floor,
Dr. Jose P. Rizal Marg,
New Delhi-110021

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