Thursday, August 13, 2020

14 August 2020: Virtual talk and panel discussion on 'Topping the Glass Half Full: Opportunities for Regional Trade in South Asia'

Sanjay Kathuria
Centre for Policy Research

Shyam Saran, Centre for Policy Research (CPR)
Nagesh Kumar, UNESCAP
Selim Raihan, University of Dhaka

Gautam Mukhopadhaya, Centre for Policy Research (CPR)

Organised by
Centre for Policy Research (CPR)

It would be no overstatement to say that seventy years after the decolonisation of South Asia, economic integration of the region remains disappointing. Intraregional trade as a share of regional gross domestic product (GDP) hovers around only 1 percent in South Asia, versus 2.6 percent in Sub-Saharan Africa and about 11 percent in East Asia and the Pacific. Yet, world history has repeatedly shown trade to be a crucial tool for poverty reduction. Centered around the book A Glass Half Full: The Promise of Regional Trade in South Asia, this event will discuss various challenges to regional economic integration and lessons that can be learned from some success stories. The event will consist of a brief talk by Dr Sanjar Kathuria, editor of the book and a recent addition to the CPR faculty, followed by a panel discussion.

Date: August 14, 2020
Time: 06:00 P.M.

The session will be held online via Zoom. To register, kindly fill this form.

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